15 top mistakes people make in there first relationships, No 10 will shock you


15 top mistakes people make in there first relationships, No 10 will shock you

As it is said, Experience is the best teacher. For the fact that it is the first time, there should be mistake in it and as we move on we learn from this little mistakes we do make and to also make sure our first relationships last longer.

Just as it is first love, there is always much commitments and availability but there is still going to be some breaks down along the road of love. So below are 15 top mistakes people make in there first relationships, and we believe as you read you can also learn from it.

1. Social media behavior
Not everyone are public type, the rate at which you share your relationship status on social media like facebook and twitter doesn’t guarantee you love the person, so you should be mindful of your partners character and watch what you share .

2. Always Available to you
Come on, you both are adults and should get busy you shouldn’t expect your partner to be available to you 24hours everyday just because you are in a relationship.

3. Holding your life
This is one of the top mistakes people make in there first relationships, why on earth would you put your life on a hold just because you are in a relationship. You both should learn to be yourself and live your lives.

4. Being Needy
Being needy is not part of the game atall, the situation where by you put your happiness before your partner ruins relationships. So one should learn to stop being needy.

5. Giving in too soon
Yes you both just met, the love is still soaring but giving into the person too much and soon ruins relationships. Don’t think that spending all your time with the person would bring you both together, it’s a big No. Take your time and get to know yourselves.

6. Forcing commitments
The situation where by any of the party is being to committed like asking questions like “Where is this going” and taking about “Marriage” when the other isn’t ready destroys relationships

7. Tackling Every step and move
It is always good to ignore words and watch actions. If you are a kind of person that follows up your partners every move like “Reading his text messages” and Watching all his movements. You are really killing his or her passion for you, so be smart.

8. Cohabitation being the Best
This is another top mistakes people do in there first relationships by thinking its the best step to take or trying to move away from people and there thoughts. Lots of relationships have been destroyed with this very act.

9. Fear of street credibility
Being in a peer group, no one would want to be the talk of there peers and also want to be the last to become single, so the fear of what friends might say starts getting in you and can ruin your relationship. Don’t always listen to what people say about your relationship

10. Comparing Your relationship to others
Everyone is built on his or her own genuineness, To compare is to despair, be grateful for what you’ve got, build, grow and invest in your relationship daily and don’t think the ‘life is a bed of roses ’

11. Exercise and fitness
Now that you are now in a relationship don’t start saying those healthy lifestyle and exercises you do then doesn’t matter, you never can tell if it was what attracted your partner to you. So stay healthy, be prolific and do some exercises.

12. Changing your partner
Don’t say “Oh this guy is going to be hot if I brush him up” allow your partner be hot if I brush him up” allow your partner be him or herself. Trying to change the real them is like making it clearer to them you don’t love the real them.

13. Emotions
Don’t fall for the wave of love by bringing into your relationship your past emotional trauma thinking the wave of your love might drown all. It’s a capital NO, rather it would be a kiss of death to your relationship.

14. Pride
Not being able to admit you are wrong, it kills a relationship faster than a stray bullet. The situation where by the wrong won’t accept being wrong. Proper understanding should be groomed with your partner, this way it did be hard for pride to penetrate. Even if you try your best, you may not get it all right first time around. There’s no shame in that. You’re only human. It’s not a hanging offence. Sometimes, the best thing is to learn your lesson and move on.

15. Expecting true love as seen in movies
Like it is said life is not a bed of roses, today might be your best friend and tomorrow your worst enemy. As you watch perfect couples in film thinking relationships are sweet like that, hell No! Relationships are hardworking you practice new skills everyday to keep it moving smoothly.

What do you think about your first relationship? Did you make any of these mistakes? If you didn’t this article might sure help you make some improvement when you come across one.
What are other popular mistakes people make in their first relationship that you know? Please share with us using the comment box.


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