7 steps to get anyone you love attracted to you


We are in the 21st century when love its almost on everyone’s mouth, but in this case most people dont have what it takes to get attracted to that person whom they love.

A very close friend of mine Kelvin is a shy type when it comes to approaching ladies, this common act of him has really dawn on him alot until i came in and was like ”My guy play your games well there are no magics there”. Kelvin applied some techniques which always works like magic but not any. So below are just 7 steps to get anyone you love attracted to you.

1. Smell Nice
Get a good perfume or body spray and apply it, this makes your presence known wherever you enter, your nice smell makes people who dont border looking at you do.

2. Maintain Eye contact
Always be confident in yourself and try maintaining eye contact when you talk with people,especially opposite sex and it makes you look more hotter to that person to whom you are talking with. Please I didn’t say you should go and start starring at people, just a 3-5 seconds glance shows your confidence.

3.Good walking posture
practice a very good walking posture and walk upright, it makes you stand out whether you are tall or short, good walking posture gives you morale and dominion thereby making people admire you.

4.Live healthy and fit
This is one of the most important of all,no one would want to hang around a person who isn’t healthy, so i advice you take alot of water, eat fruits,take breakfasts early as it is the most important food of the day and try getting enough sleeps and exercise (If possible always visit the Gym).

5.Wear clothes that fit
You have to grow along with civilization, we are now in the 21st century and no longer in the Era where you wear baggie trousers and jump ups, wear fitted clothes and look smart.

6.Stop comparing yourself
Every one is built on his or Her own uniqueness and capabilities, you should learn to stop comparing yourself to others because it makes you become the second of your best, so always be comtempted with whom you are and the way you are.

7.Groom well
As it is said looking good doesnt cost, one should learn to groom well and not only the physical aspects of his body. It made me flash back to a picture i saw on social media, A guy was dressed dope and catching fun with a lady and never knew he was sagging and behold he was wearing a torn and tattered under pants. So try to always groom well.

Enjoy the fun of your attraction! How do you see this article? Drop your comments and share to friends.


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