The Most Dangerous Roads In The World, No 11 will Shock You


Roads are made to connect places and allow people to travel from one site to another. More and better roads are a need of the hour as transportation of everything depends on these models of infrastructure. Travel and tourism thrives on the presence of roads. But today we have made a list of dangerous roads where you will never want to drive.

(1) Zoji La, India

It is 9 km long, connecting Kashmir and Ladakh. It is extremely narrow to be driven on safely.

(2) Transfăgărășan, Romania

Situated in Carpethian Mountains, this is the tallest road in Romania. Very famous for its breathtaking sites.

(3) Dalton Highway, Alaska

Known as the Snowiest highway in the world, it connects only 3 villages of Alaska. It is 666 km long.

(4) Khardung La, India

It is in Natural Geographic and Guinness book of world records for being the tallest pass highway. It is 5602 km tall.

(5) Yungas Road, Bolivia

200-300 people die on this highway every year. It is the most scariest highway out there.

(6) Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

It connects a few villages and is famous for its amazing sights.

(7) Col de la Bonette, France

Located alongside the Italian border at the height of 2000m, it has many dangerous turns.

(8) Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

64 km long and is one of the tallest highways in the alps.

(9) ’Caucasus’ road, Russia

Connecting Sochi and Rista lakes, it is situated in Russia.

(10) Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

1.7 km long, it connects two cities in Japan. It is famous for the steepest down drive in the world.

(11) A bridge in Island County, Washington

It connects two islands.


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