Things you must not do before going To bed


1. Fight: There’s a good reason couples are told to never go to bed angry. Stress is a major cause of in somnia. If a conversation is stressful, it will elevate cortisol and other stress hormones impeding your ability to fall asleep.

In addition, angry people tend to ruminate, or play over thoughts again and again in their minds, which can also make falling asleep difficult. Try t hash out any problems earlier in the night, and saving important decision-making or serious conversations for days when you have more time to reflect and relax afterward.

2. Too much water: staying hydrated is important but it may not be the best strategy to drink a hug glass of water before bed or sleep with one water by your bed. This will only cause you to keep waking up to urinate.

Instead, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day—and always be sure to use the toilet before you head to bed, even if you don’t feel like you have to.

3. Drinking tea: While this might sound like an alternative to coffee because you simply enjoy a hot beverage before bed, it might come with its own issues. Some teas actually contain some level of caffeine. If you do have to indulge, dunk your tea bag quickly into a cup of hot water, then dump the water out and make a second cup usin that same tea bag.

Most of tea’s caffeine is released early on in the steeping process, so this may help you enjoy the flavour and warmth without so much of the stimulant.


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